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Malam Payroll signs contract with Na'amat for the implementation of management systems for payroll

2 October, 2011
The deal is estimated at 2.5 million shekels over five years
Malam Payroll, a member of the Malam-Team Group, has signed a contract with the Na’amat organization to implement systems to manage payroll, human resources, attendance and employee scheduling for the thousands of employees working at day care centers and schools run by the organization. The five-year deal is valued at approximately2.5 million shekels.
The contract is an expansion of the existing agreement with Na'amat, which for several years has used the Malam's payroll systems for its network of daycare centers. Na’amat is now also implementing Malam Payroll’s human resources systems, attendance and employee scheduling, together with an upgrade to the existing payroll system.
The choice of Malam drew heavily the unique properties of Malam’s Pay & Roll system to manage all aspects of human resources. The system that Malam will supply includes modules to manage payroll, attendance, human resources, and employee scheduling. It gives the ability to perform advanced simulations for salary expenses of the entire organization, or alternatively, gives the ability to produce a wage proposal for any given employee as required today of any employer.
 The system works on a single database, resulting in a significant reduction in the number of interfaces and system maintenance costs. In this way the system provides an integrated solution for unique and innovative open web environment based on an Oracle database. This gives Na'amat a savings in resources along with increasing its ability to most effectively manage its human resources.
Under the agreement, Malam Payroll will provide Na'amat with the employee schedule system developed by Malam. This unique system is used for efficient management of employees on a daily basis while controlling the costs derived from these activities, and also cross-checking resource planning versus actual implementation. The system allows the setting of standards at the department level depending on anticipated activities and other parameters, with additional conditions to allow for various events and circumstances.
The system provides easy to use visual tools for the user to schedule employee tasks, while viewing prioritizations and alerts to get the optimal work placement, including the option to centrally manage resources from the company headquarters.
Additionally, the system offers tools for controlling this process on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
The combination of the employee scheduling system with the attendance system gives increased efficiency in work schedules and savings in salary expenses.
Uri Saleh, CEO of Malam Payroll, said: "Na’amat’s choice of Malam Pay & Roll is further evidence of our unique solution. Our employee scheduling system allows organizations like Na'amat that employs thousands of workers to manage with great efficiency a considerable amount of human resources with real-time control of costs incurred by the workforce.”
“The system provides a convenient tool for the user, with an advanced and friendly visual interface that best corresponds to the priorities defined by the customer. It is capable of giving real-time alerts on deviations from the norm as set by the client, while giving centralized control from the organization’s headquarters."
Yaron Melech, CFO of Na’amat, said: “After a prolonged examination of a range of solutions available in the market, we chose Malam Payroll’s system. Our satisfaction with the existing Malam Payroll system, together with the unique solutions of the new attendance and employee scheduling systems, led us to choose Malam Payroll. The new systems are expected to give us an efficient solution for calculating standards according to the number of children at our day care centers and schools.”
Na'amat expressed great satisfaction with the deal, which is expected to make it easier for the organization to manage its human resources - and result in greater accuracy in implementing wage cost calculations with savings in expenses on managing the tasks in question.

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