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Sakal Group and The Israel Experience choose Malam PayRoll's Human Resources Management solution

22 October, 2010
The Israel Experience Ltd. and Sakal Group chose Malam PayRoll of the MalamTeam Group to implement the Payroll and Human Resources systems, as well as the Employee Assignment and Work Planning module. The systems will operate in the ASP SaaS environment vis-avis the server farm at the Malam PayRoll offices in Jerusalem. These companies are joining a leading hotel chain and an international fashion company who also recently chose Malam PayRoll's Human Resources Management solutions.

Malam PayRoll provides ASP services for Human Resources Management systems to thousands of users who work interactively with the system.
The total value of these transactions is estimated at NIS 4 million.
The chosen innovative Malam Pay & Roll system is designed to manage the entire range of Human Resources. It includes the Employee Assignment and Work Planning modules, as well as Payroll, Attendance, and Human Resources modules, and a Retirement system – all operating with a single database.
The jewel in the crown of these projects is the Work Planning system – a sophisticated system for optimal employee assignment on a daily and monthly basis, including control of actual execution versus the original plan. The system allows for setting of standards per branch according to expected activities as well as additional parameters, such as sales forecast, arrival of clients to branches/hotels, and income projections. It is also possible to add standards following various events, and adapt to changes and unusual circumstances. The user interface is visual and easy-to-use. It allows for prioritization and alerts, and is designed to optimize employee assignment. The work is carried out at the network’s headquarters or at branch locations.
The system uses its collective simulator to provide organizations with precise forecasting capability, as well as costs of payroll agreements and structural changes within the organization. This one of a kind simulator has already been successfully implemented in major organizations in the Israeli market.
Sakal Group, importer of some of the leading international fashion brands and toys in the world, owns over 100 stores around the country and has hundreds of employees.
The Israel Experience Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Jewish Agency, and is engaged in the organization of trips for schools and Jewish youth from all over the world and also employs hundreds of workers.
Another international fashion company, which only just begun to operate in Israel and is currently taking baby steps toward opening new stores around the country, also chose Malam PayRoll's Human Resources Management solution. This company employs hundreds of workers.
Uri Salah, CEO of Malam PayRoll, concludes that the company’s success was achieved thanks to 50 years of experience in providing service to hundreds of clients around the country in the field of human resources, payroll, and attendance systems. “Malam PayRoll calculates over 750,000 pay slips monthly and provides various services such as employee assignment, work planning, attendance, and human resources management daily to hundreds of end-users who are utilizing our system,” says Salah. “The Malam PayRoll system is becoming a standard,” notes Salah. “Leading hotel chains in Israel have implemented the system long ago. Recently, we have also experienced tremendous success in the retail sector, working with clients, such as Aminach, Zara, Rav-Bariach, Sakal, and Super- Dosh supermarkets chain.”
Malam PayRoll's extensive experience in the field of payroll, attendance, and human resources makes it possible for our clients to receive a wide range of solutions and professional support in the complex world of human resources management.

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