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Malam PayRoll of the MalamTeam Group hosts Ilan Levin

12 July, 2011

Yesterday (June 12), Malam PayRoll of the MalamTeam Group held its annual Clients’ Convention that dealt with technological innovation in the field of Human Resource Management within organizations. MalamPayroll introduced a state-of-the-art technological solution for pension management and pension clearing. Payroll accountants, VPs of Human Resources and Finance, CIOs and CEOs of both the public and private sectors took part in the convention. Mr. Shlomo Eisenberg, Chairman and Chief Business Manager of MalamTeam Group, and Mr. Uri Zalach, CEO of Malam PayRoll, delivered the opening speeches, followed by a series of lectures on technological innovation in the field of Human Resource Management within organizations. The technical solution architecture for pension management and pension clearing available to Malam PayRoll’s clients was presented. Ms. Shlomit Yahav, Principle at Adif College, gave a lecture on employer’s responsibility as regards to employee pension insurance. The convention was concluded by Ilan Levin’s lecture on the revival of the work relations system in the public sector. At the beginning of his lecture, Levin mentioned that taking part in this convention feels as if he has “returned home” to the world and people of payroll and human resource management, seeing as he rose from this very field and his relationships with the individuals operating in this field, both in the private and public sectors, remain personal and warm.

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