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Uri salah, Malam PayRoll: “In the future, we will be sending pay slips directly to the employees’ Smartphone.”

17 July, 2011
By Yossi Hatoni
“In the future, employees will receive their pay slip and any related updates on their Smartphone and via e-mail, and we will be able to assist the employer with the entire range of pension management,” said Uri Salah, CEO of Malam PayRoll of the MalamTeam Group.
SAlah delivered the opening speech at the company’s annual customers convention, held today (Sunday) at the Avenue Convention & Events Center, Airport City, and attended by hundreds of company clients – payroll accountants, VPs of Human Resources, VPs of Finance, and CIOs. Technological innovations in the field of human resource management within the organization were presented at the convention.
“Malam PayRoll,” according to Salah, “is the leading company in Israel in the development of human resource management systems. It has hundreds of clients in the governmental sector and Israeli business market, and it handles approximately 750,000 pay slips monthly.”
“The company was established 18 months ago, as an independent company,” added Salah, “and our vision is to become the preferred choice of clients for payroll and human resource management, while maintaining our professionalism, innovativeness, and integrity.”
Salah explained that “the company’s systems are based on the Oracle database, and are the only systems in the country that combine three types of systems – human resources, payroll and attendance. The systems provide service via cloud computing, except for clients of the security sector, due to obvious constraints.”
“Recently,” added Salah, “we have collaborated with the Israel Postal Company in order to adapt the Company’s iPost service to the expected changes in the law. This will enable employees to receive their pay slips directly to the Postal Company's e-mail box, rather than the paper pay slip.”
Salah mentioned that Malam PayRoll was involved in several projects over the past year, among which was a major collaboration with Israel Aircraft Industries. “This was an extremely difficult and complex project, which succeeded due to the close cooperation with the client. Currently, the system and all its components are operating properly.” Additional projects are the attendance control project in hospitals of the Ministry of Health, “which included changes to organizational procedures and methods”; the Jerusalem Municipality project; realization of the Broadcasting Authority’s reform, which includes voluntary retirement of employees, where we “supported the agreement and every aspect thereof, bridging between the reform’s intents and actual realization”; various project in the retail and hotel sectors, seeing as “nearly all of the hotel chains in Israel are Malam PayRoll's clients.”
“We are currently facing several major projects,” said Salah, “including the computerization of all Na’amat Day Care Centers, which will be computerized and connected to our all-inclusive solutions system.” He pointed out that the Organization has recently been examining the possibility of adding a quarterly pension plan holder’s report to the pay slip.
“In the future we must turn to retail – meaning, to provide a great deal of services to the person at the end of the line, the one who receives the pay slip, since this individual is extremely relevant to the entire process. At some point we will be providing service packages based on client complexity. We will also be supplying control, report, and payment services – all via Malam PayRoll systems. Ultimately, we will be able to send pay slips directly to your smartphone, and handle various forms.”
Salah noted that some six months ago the company re-launched its website “which is currently 'the place to go' for innovations and trends in the fields of payroll and human resource management within the organization. It also features news and updates on tax issues, labor procedures, and more.” He mentioned that “the website also introduces Malam PayRoll's solutions designed to improve human resource management procedures, including a unique product developed by the company, the Payroll Simulator, which provides the organization’s managers with a forecast of all future expenses related to human capital, thus enabling them to plan ahead accordingly.”  
“Malam PayRoll puts the client’s needs in the center. We are constantly improving our service and developing advanced, all-inclusive technological solutions,” concluded Salah. “Our clients require compacted, professional and comprehensive information regarding payroll and human resources, which was not available up until now.”
Mr. Shlomo Eisenberg, Chairman and Chief Business Manager of MalamTeam Group delivered the opening speech. He said that “we are now spreading out to the entire payroll content world, including pension funds and uploading data online. Our clients are not at all embarrassed to express their satisfaction with our systems. We wish ourselves growth and further development in the field.”
Several professional lectures were also given at the convention, in which advanced systems available to managers of organizations were presented. These included information retrieval systems, payment control within the organization, online services for both the employer and the employee, as well as preparation for pension management and pension clearing. Additional lectures were delivered on the topics of state-of-the-art solutions for pension management and pension clearing, and employer’s responsibility as regards to employee pension insurance. The convention was concluded by the lecture by Ilan Levin, in charge of payroll in the Ministry of Finance, on the subject of the renewal of public sector labor relations.

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