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Company Profile

Company Profile

Malam Payroll is Israel’s largest and leading company supplying advanced technological HR management solutions.  The company offers a comprehensive proven range of management and organizational data exploring tools, including payroll systems, human resources systems, attendance systems and pension savings systems.

The big picture – in one click

The integrative system, a Malam Payroll development, allows managing all human resources components – salary, attendance and human resources – adapted to your organization’s needs and from one data base.  The system provides integrative solutions through advanced Oracle-based technology.

Fully independent and flexible operations, maximum information and data transparency, and actual functioning as an automation tool for organizational processes based on client needs and all relevant laws are integral to this system, which also offers data mining and advanced hierarchic permissions which protect sensitive information and ensure that organizational interests remain discreet at all times.

All Malam Payroll system components are planned and implemented based on a comprehensive understanding of the organization’s needs, and therefore grow and develop together with the organization, addressing changing needs over the long term.  Malam Payroll’s solutions are cutting edge, and can be modularly integrated into existing programs at any time:

Personal and group salary execution simulator module, retirement simulation module, electronic 101 system, advanced exploration reports tools, teaching staff integration module, integrating of nursing staff, hotel / retail sector integration, cellphone and clock reports for attendance data and presentation of salary data, and a range of additional modules for handling your organization’s  human resources needs.

Turning dependability into an art

Malam Payroll’s developments are reliable, cutting edge and the most efficient in the field of organizational management due to years of accumulated experience supported by skilled professionals and technological problem solving knowhow, backed up by the company’s capabilities in characterizing and understanding the precise and unique needs of medium to large organizations.

Currently the company produces more than 900,000 salary slips monthly for hundreds of leading organizations in Israel’s economy in both the public and private sectors.  Malam Payroll is proud to serve its clients in Israel, including government offices, retailers and chains,  hotels, municipalities and local councils, transportation and leasing companies, the security sector, media and hi-tech organizations, banks and insurance companies, and the medical, educational and industrial sectors.

Malam Payroll holds the Israel Standards Gold Certificate and ensures international quality standards supervised by the Standards Institution, among them: ISO 9001 Management Quality 2000, ISO 90003 Software Engineering Quality, ISO 27001 Information Security Management, and SSAE 16 IFRS Accounting Standard.

Malam Payroll – subsidiary of the Malam Team Group

Malam Payroll is a Malam Systems subsidiary, and part of the Malam Team concern.  Malam Team is the oldest and largest organization in Israel in the IT services industry.  The company’s values – dependability, professionalism, attentiveness and technological excellence – guide its staff at all organizational levels.

Among Our Clients

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