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Attendance System

Attendance System

Reliable attendance logging – any time, any place

Employee attendance reports are critical to any organization’s salary calculations.  These reports cover attendance, absenteeism, vacation and sick leave days, overtime, and more.

Malam Payroll’s attendance logging solutions are based on in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by HR and payroll managers, and provide a means of addressing attendance reports that ensure transparency for both employer and employee.  This not only assures the organization’s interests but also ensures all employee rights.

Attendance logging from any place

Malam Payroll has developed diverse and flexible user friendly solutions that allow human resources managers and payroll accountants to receive a precise, reliable view at the level of individual employee and the overall organization:

  • The MTA application allows directly reporting attendance via smartphones. The app logs the employee’s location when activated, as a control system.
  • Malam Payroll has also developed the Malam Web Clock for employees in distant locations, who are traveling overseas on business, or working from home, as well as freelancers or contractors. This system allows the employee to report hours of work by internet access from any location.
  • The M-Clock allows entering and editing attendance data in real time without needing retrospective audits.
  • Malam Payroll Effective can send alerts about attendance logging irregularities as well as reminders such as birthdays, special events and more.


Malam Payroll invites you to discover these and many other practical and effective solutions, and enjoy this new approach to attendance logging in your organization:

Malam on Time

Malam Payroll’s attendance system was developed to comprehensively address monthly work time analysis and calculations, which constitute a central factor in employees’ salaries. The salary system provides a full solution for your organization’s payroll accountants while ensuring employee rights and presenting fully transparent real time data.

M-Clock – the online attendance clock

The attendance clock is activated simply and easily through any internet infrastructure. The system transmits attendance data online, direct into the Malam On Time system.

Landline phone-in attendance reports

Malam Payroll offers solutions for registering attendance through a land line telephone.The employee reports attendance through a simple, user friendly voice system via the landline phone.

Mobile Time Attendance – the cellphone attendance report

The MTA (mobile time attendance) system is a Malam Payroll development. It allows attendance reports via an app installed on the cellphone/

Malam Web Clock – the internet attendance report

Malam Payroll, seeking to maintain open communication with the organization, developed several internet / intranet based tools to ensure that the organization can manage updated authentic data at any given moment while allowing employees to similarly view and update their relevant data at any given time and in real time, in the various systems.

Work roster and employee slotting system

Additionally, the system offers tools for control of these processes at the daily, weekly and monthly levels.

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