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Banking is a unique sector in Israel’s commercial world.  Multiple business opportunities are offered to employees within organizations’ frameworks, creating long term reciprocity between the organization and its employees and presenting unique challenges to human resources and payroll departments:

  • Candidate recruitment and assimilation: the high demand to integrate into financial organizations requires selection from among large numbers of candidates, managing the interview and background checks stages, conducting professional assessments, and comparing among candidates prior to recruitment.
  • Management and follow-up of the employee’s organization-related life: in light of organization investments in employee training and professional opportunities in the banking sector, employee turnover is not very high compared with other sectors. Nonetheless, employees may receive tenure, advance into new positions within the organization, and develop professionally.  This requires appropriate documentation and management throughout the employee’s life in the organization, assessing skills, abilities, project involvement and overall contribution to the organization over a multiyear period.
  • Pension savings funds: registering, updating and managing ongoing payments to pension funds in a clear, transparent and effective monthly format for thousands of employees in hundreds of branches and locations.
  • Retirement, compensation and account closing: Israel’s banking sector comprises companies established even before the formal State of Israel was established.  When so many employees retire or set out on new avenues, leaving these organizations, there is a need of clear monitoring and management systems for retirement and compensatory arrangements which are well audited, without delays, and based on clarity over multiple years.


Opening preferential accounts – with Malam Payroll

Malam Payroll offers a full range of solutions for human resources departments and unique solutions for addressing the banking sector.  These solutions are the outcome of numerous cooperative efforts over the years with organizations in the banking sector.  Malam Payroll learns and understands the client’s needs, characterizes the client’s work environment, and applies comprehensive, effective and most appropriate long term solutions.

It is important to note that Malam Payroll holds the professionalism, knowledge and experience to work with existing systems in your organization, without any data loss.  The company develops and assimilates tools to accompany your organization’s requirements as you progress, and can grow with you without limitation.

Among the most sought after tools are:

  • Candidate recruitment and management: the human resources manager can open positions, link candidates to them, conduct comparison and execute additional actions to assist the decision making process.
  • Human resources system: Malam Payroll’s HR system is a powerful tool that allows easily and effectively managing all information relating to any employee in the organization, from personal data to professional details and fields of responsibility, and can additionally produce a document archive. The system allows exploring data and intuitive retrieval as needed.
  • Retirement, compensation and account closing: Malam Payroll allows payroll accountants and HR managers to prepare for employee retirement, organize the various reimbursements, and terminate the employee’s employment in an effective, clear and transparent manner.
  • Pension savings fund: this system assists with effective management of fund and savings monies among various organizations, and provides the employee with access to data relating to accrual, allowances and other options.

Among Our Clients

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