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Malam Payroll’s Data Warehouse system allows users to enjoy authentic precision results and a user friendly interface for independent data exploration.  Data outcomes serve as a tool in making business decisions and for auditing.

  • Support tool for manager decisions
  • Audit of the organization’s main costs
  • Complementary system to the payroll system
  • Complementary service to the organizational BI (business intelligence) umbrella


Description of the solution

The DWH system allows easily retrieving any summarizing or individual cross section due to its flexible data structure.  It also allows statistical analysis or any other request for data and exploration to the level of employee and salary component.  These characteristics make data storage an effective tool for auditing, monitoring irregularities, and analyzing salary data within brief timetables.

The data base in its offered format contains individual data on salary slips for the current, and previous, years.  The data base is directly built from Malam Payroll files received at the end of the monthly payroll process.  The data base is not limited to payroll data but can contain various organizational data including human resources, finances, stock and more, linking between files and diverse data.  All reports at the level of management and various ranks can be generated.

The DWH system is innovative and advanced, offering various options:

  • Upgraded reports wizard with new functions
  • User friendly graphs wizard with multiple options, such as dashboard

Using this product does not require buying expensive hardware in the form of servers and work stations.  The service is offered in ASP configuration and allows working with a standard personal computer using only a browser.

Product advantages

  • Data exploration at the most individual level (single aspect per employee for a specific month)
  • Basis for developing diverse applications (payroll audit, creeping salary, pension control)
  • Simple flexible data exploration which allows producing various cross sectional reports for all dimensions and fields existing in the system
  • Internet environment without the need to install or upgrade end user software
  • Possibility of linking to an additional system (payroll simulator, retirement system)
  • User friendly interface
  • Support for dozens of functions and graphs
  • Export of documents into diverse formats such as HTML, PDF, Excel and others
  • Full Hebrew menu
  • OLAP analysis capability
  • Open to entry of multiple data bases from different fields and their integration to produce uniform reports at the organizational level
  • Data in the bases is identical to that existing in the Malam Payroll system
  • Full support and service through the Malam Payroll service department


Information security

  • Centralized and secure users management
  • Smart user identification and authentication
  • Multiple security layers when accessing the system
  • Web server brokerage when accessing the data base.

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