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Managing human resources in the education sector presents multiple complex challenges to salaries and human resources departments in education and academic institutions.  Among the more common ones in this sector are:

  • Decentralization: decentralization of teachers in an organization among several schools or teaching centers makes management and follow-up more difficult
  • Integration: integration of teachers is often influenced by changing Ministry of Education reforms and guidelines
  • Changes in the labor force: assimilating new employees, follow-up of teacher overlap, monitoring work hours and seminars
  • Calculating actual work hours: calculating frontal work hours, teaching hours and matriculation preparation time, checking anomalies
  • Linking to reforms: as a result of frequent changes in scope of positions and reforms, salary calculations become complicated, as does follow-up of activities conducted by teachers linked to several programs

Malam Payroll offers a full range of solutions for human resources management.  Malam Payroll also characterizes, develops and assists with executing and managing a range of tools that address the sector’s unique challenges, ensuring that salary calculations, attendance management and human resources are precisely and optimally utilized.


Smart dynamic system for managing human resources

Malam Payroll offers a full set of solutions for integration teaching staff.  The system allows supporting authorizations in accordance with responsibilities defined by the organization’s various ranks, full support of all Ministry of Education guidelines and tables, and all standards and reforms set by the Ministry of Education including implementation of new reforms updated on an ongoing basis.

With all Ministry of Education standards and positions in the integration system, the information is in computerized form and saves the user any need to conduct manual calculations or cause errors in computing teachers’ entitlements, including reimbursements, teacher overlap on the same questionnaires, limitations on functions in accordance with required frontal time allocations, checking anomalies beyond the position’s scope, and more.

In actuality, the system constantly updates itself with Ministry of Education changes and allows payroll and human resources managers to focus on the core of their work instead of on updates.

Additional characteristics

Malam Payroll contains a decentralization tool for endpoints in various schools.  This enables full management of teacher details including integration, rank updates in accordance with with Ministry of Education employment authorizations, and updating Ministry of Education appropriate certificates and documents within the limitations and audits of the organization’s payroll and human resources department.

The system fully supports all teaching reforms (“old world”, “New Horizon”, “Oz Latmurah”), manages each teacher’s front hours including computerized calculations of hours and matriculation percentages in accordance with Ministry of Education questionnaires.  The system enables optimal management of all functions derived from any teacher’s slot, teacher’s age, mother’s position, and considerations of partial or frontal hours with another employer. 

The system supports division of slot hours based on periods of the year in accordance with changes in the teacher’s salary and enables parallel management for teachers for whom several reforms are relevant in the same school year.

The system is able to apply future adaptations based on decisions of relevant agreements, allowing simulation of the practical aspects of any future adaptation.

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