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Electronic Form 101 system

Electronic Form 101 system

Advancing into a green world – no paper, no bother

Following the taxation authority’s decision on one hand to cease the need for dismissed employees to complete Form 101, and its publication of instructions and rules for completing the electronic Form 101 on the other hand, Malam Payroll developed a system that electronically produces, completes and manages Form 101 and is approved by the taxation authorities.

Salaried employees or allocation recipients complete the form at the start of employment and annually.  The form contains personal details that can impact an employee’s taxation liabilities, including family status, number and age of children, other sources of income, and various grounds for requesting taxation easements such as medical conditions, family circumstances, children, place of residence, and more.

Completing these forms, which are routine, became a bureaucratic time consuming burden in many organizations, as the process wastes resources in the form of paper, manual typing, following up on form completion, correcting errors, adding details left out, and saving the paper documentation for 7 years.  In most cases, the report does not change from one year to the next.

Moving ahead with what’s really important

The system is an original Malam Payroll development and addresses the taxation authority’s minimum requirements, including obligation for one-to-one identification through a Malam Payroll issued password, logical auditing during entry of data, and digital signature by the employer on the online forms.

The system cancels all need for physical paperwork and document storing, and provides payroll accountants with fast easy access to these forms as needed.  Completing them in the system is easy, effective and speedier for all involved, and ensures employees appropriate tax deductions that precisely reflect their status.

Organizations that have assimilated this system now enjoy significant savings in outputs and can focus on their core activities instead of investing valuable resources in technical procedures that include reminders to complete the forms fully.

System characteristics

  • Producing Form 101 easily and automatically based on the original form’s layout as publicized by the Taxation Authority.
  • Automatic completion of the form based on existing data in the payroll system.
  • Centralizing changes and updates by employees completing the forms.
  • Saving completed forms in a computerized archive for retrieval at any time.
  • Logical audits and wholeness checks to ensure correct precise form completion.
  • Digital employer signature on online forms.


System advantages for employees

  • Shorter completion procedure.
  • Prevents mistakes or leaving data out, based on the advanced logical audit.
  • Correct tax calculation, without negatively affecting net income.


System advantages for employers

  • Shorter handling time and less need to seek missing or erroneous information from payroll accountants.
  • Savings in cost of paper, printing, wrapping and freightage.
  • Full computerized archiving of Form 101 and its appendices.
  • Effective audit and follow-up after form completion by employees.

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