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Managing human resources in the medical sector sets complex challenges for payroll and human resources departments in medical organizations and institutions.  Malam Payroll develops and assists implementing management of a diverse array of tools addressing this sector’s most common challenges:

  • 24/7 work: medical institutions are typified by multidisciplinary staff working round the clock, every day, all week. This means that collecting the clock’s data continuously is vital for managing the organization’s yields.
  • Broad communication network: complex data collection from extensive campuses, or multiple separate campuses.
  • Work from home: the ability to reflect activity data in places considered not institutional such as work from home, work in the field, seminars, overseas trips, home visits.
  • Collective salary agreements: application of expansion orders, personal contracts and individual reimbursements procedures dictated by various organizations as soon as they are publicized.  This includes complex agreements at the rank, sectorial or national levels.
  • Slots management: managing and updating various slots in institutions, such as students and research assistants, physicians, assistive nursing, social workers, drivers, maintenance and logistics workers, legal staff, external consultants, nurses, and all levels of individual or professional rank dictated by the organization’s management.


The perfect prescription for managing human resources

Malam Payroll offers a full range of human resources management solutions.  Malam Payroll currently calculates salaries for all Ministry of Health hospitals and research grants, as well as general health services. 

Malam Payroll will characterize the client organization’s needs in cooperation with the client, learning the organization’s behavior and requirements and locating possible weaknesses.  Malam Payroll optimally adapts the human resources management system in the most comprehensive and user friendly way.  additionally the system maintains long term multiyear flexibility, allowing the addition of capabilities as needed, and storage of almost unlimited data, and assimilation of add-ins to other systems.

Malam Payroll offers an integrated solution: salary, attendance, human resources, retirement, reimbursement on private services, and more.  The system also enables easy and in-depth inquiry into information on laws regarding compensation, salary components, and human resources management.

The system’s technological tools allow:

  • Reliable, precise and fast application of complex salary agreements for all the medical sector’s employees includes physicians, nurses, paramedics, assistive staff, administrative and general staff, psychologists, and social workers.
  • Attendance reports in multiple advances forms, payment of social entitlements and pension savings, simulations for individual and group salaries, comparisons, electronic output and management of forms.
  • The system allows collecting data for specific time periods, analyzing data on the basis of the organizational constitution, as an outcome reflecting guidelines of laws and organizational procedures when conducting payments for employees whose activities are found on the attendance clock.
  • Planning and slotting nurses into shifts through a smart algorithm which integrates employee requests, actual performance and slot excesses, based on employment laws defined by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor and the organization’s own regulations.
  • Work schedules for integrating physicians into standby and rosters through fast, user friendly visual tools.

Among Our Clients

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