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Hotel keeping slotting system

Hotel keeping slotting system

The employee slotting system is one of the innovative and most sought after tools in the field of hotel keeping.  The system was specially developed by Malam Payroll in acknowledgment of the challenges this field faces, and based on Malam Payroll’s vast experience.  The system allows slotting personnel based on changing needs as organizational targets must be fulfilled.

This system offers ideal solutions for managing and preparation in peak seasons and for extraordinary events such as conferences, hosting large groups, stock taking and more.

User friendly activation

Our interactive system offers a visual, user friendly tool for effectively slotting employees at the daily and weekly levels by displaying allocation priorities on screen, while auditing costs derived from the organization’s decision, and cross referencing content against actual execution.

The system contains HR, attendance and payroll modules managed from a central data base which allows holistic organizational management.  The system allows defining departmental slots based on routine hotel activities, handling of special dynamic events, and central management from your company’s headquarters.

Advantages and characteristics

Malam Payroll’s hotel keeping employee slotting system addresses the diverse needs of multi-level organizations such as hotels.  Its advantages manifest in the following capabilities:

  • Employee slotting
    • Switching from a manual decentralized procedure to a simple, computerized system functioning through one data base.
    • Work rosters for all hotel departments.
    • Optimal slotting based on organizational targets and permissible rules at the daily and weekly levels.
    • Possibility of including priorities during slotting – such as taking into consideration employee religion or study days.
    • Work roster based on automatic allocation of slot hours according to predefined parameters, such as allocations for housekeepers based on occupancy rates, allocations for food and beverage departments based on number of diners, and so on.
    • Possibility of executing employee allocations in departments that begin and end with the same hours.
    • Inter-department employee borrowing.
    • Technical blocking of the possibility of breaching employer’s laws and inter-organizational rules while slotting.
    • Automatic updates reflecting changes to laws.


  • Flexibility and adaptation to changes
    • Reporting employee no shows.
    • Dynamic independent changes to positions and work rosters during the current month by authorized employees.
    • System for defining events and tasks requiring cooperation between different department functionaries.
    • Flexible system for absorbing last minute changes and / or extraordinary events.


  • Budget management and information management
    • Tool for assessing financial costs at the daily and weekly levels.
    • Follow-up on planning versus execution at daily and weekly levels, towards preventing deviation from budgetary limitations and avoiding [intimate of fictitious work hours.
    • Issuing reports by required cross cuts.
    • Information availability for all organizational managerial levels at any given moment.
    • Full data retrieval at the level of user through queries and reports.

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