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Human resources management in the hotels and hosting sector sets multiple complex challenges for payroll and human resources departments.  Among the more common are:

  • 24/7 work hours: staff works all hours of the day and night, weekends and holidays.
  • Employee slotting: the hotel keeping sector needs uniform advance planning of employee shifts for each hotel separately, and for the entire chain of hotels.  Under defined regulations based on employment rules and in accordance with the hotel’s activities and parameters, such as occupancy rates, number of meals and more.  This data then needs to be analyzed and actual work hours confirmed relative to employee slots.
  • Changes to employee positioning: many hotels and guest houses are typified by high employee turnover rates, especially around the peak tourist seasons. This makes it necessary to have easy tools that feed new workers’ data into the system through ongoing reports up until cessation of employment.
  • Management of subcontractors and human resources reinforcements: many hotels and guest houses employ subcontractors and backup workers. It is necessary to manage their positions and attendance without outputting a salary slip.
  • Attendance data collection: the hotel keeping sector employs “field workers” such as marketing and sales staff whose long distance attendance data must also be collected.
  • Salary auditing: checking correct management by the employer relative to its workers as required by law and in accordance with various entitlements due to these workers with regard to their religion and family status.
  • Unique hotel keeping salary agreements which are periodically updated.


A new experience in human resources management

Malam Payroll offers a full range of solutions for human resources management.  Additionally the company offers organizations in the hotel and hosting sector diverse tools for managing and monitoring human resources, while taking into consideration the organization’s particular needs and the sector’s commonly encountered challenges while developing an experience that offers the user flexibility over multiyear usage.

Malam Payroll implements the unique hotel keeping collective agreement fully and precisely, calculating and paying out salaries as appropriate.

The employee slotting system is an innovative tool highly sought after in the hotel and hosting field.  The system allows slotting personnel into the organization to uphold targets.  It is an ideal solution for management and preparation based on the hotel’s anticipated needs, whether for specific events causing work pressures or low seasons.

The slotting system was planned so that department managers can slot workers in based on predefined positions by the hotel administration, and subject to employment laws.  The department manager authorizes employee work hours daily for the previous day based on the planned work rosters compared to the employee’s actual work hours.  The system allows lending workers from one department to reinforce another on account of the requesting department’s slot hours.  A shift no-show, slot limitations, unforeseen circumstances and other conditions can also be reported.

M-Clock System: Malam Payroll has developed internet and intranet tools to ensure open communication with the organization.  These tools allow real time assimilation and editing of attendance data without the need for delayed control while enabling the employee to observe and update relevant data at any time in various systems.

MTA – Mobile Time Attendance System: This tool, developed by Malam Payroll, allows reporting attendance via an app entered into the worker’s cellular phone.  The system lets an organization’s employees conduct attendance reports from any location, and allows the employee to receive an indication of the location from where attendance was reported for authentication and monitoring purposes.

Salary simulator: This tool makes it possible to conduct a number of future scenarios much like an employer, by simulating salary component changes at the level of individual employee or department / group.  The simulator operates precisely and in perfect synchronicity with definitions set by Israeli law.

Salary audit service is a highly sought Malam Payroll service.  Accountants at Malam Payroll work together with the client to perform periodic audit samplings, ensuring no anomalies occur in employment conditions, salary components, and more.  This service is particularly suited to organizations employing heterogeneous employee populations such as subcontractors, temporary workers, employees from different religions, and more.

Among Our Clients

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