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Human Resources

Human Resources

Panoramic view of the employee’s life cycle in the organization

Human resources management requires finding a balance between ensuring organizational interests, transparency with ongoing employee procedures, precision checking of work efficiency against organizational processes, and being attentive to the challenges surfacing throughout the life cycle of employees in the organization.

Malam Payroll is Israel’s largest and leading company in development and implementation of human resources systems.  Managing human resources in an organization makes it vital to get a picture of the overall, integrated and individual elements of relevant information for each employee in the organization, such as assimilation, personal file and documents, affiliation with groups and teams, areas of responsibility, and so on.

Malam Payroll’s solutions help thousands of human resources managers access a reliable comprehensive view into the employee’s world, achievements and specific needs as HR managers execute informed and informative actions on the basis of this broad knowledge.

Growing together with you

Malam Payroll’s HR system operates in full synchronicity with the company’s other systems, such as salaries or attendance systems.  Additional capabilities or special adaptations can be integrated as needed.  Users are not only assured a smooth working experience as they transition among parts of the system, but can reach precise segmentation based on multiple  parameters at the level of individual employee or whole organization.

Malam Payroll is proud of the multipurpose flexible tools it develops and applies, and which ensure that your system can grow and host new requirements in the future with ease and simplicity.

Malam Payroll invites you to join hundreds of organizations that have already chosen to enjoy the most sought after human resources solutions in Israel.

Malam HR human resources system

The system fully integrates with all other Malam systems, particularly with salaries and attendance modules. Malam HR can also be used as an independent program providing numerous advantages for human resources management in your organization.

Candidate recruitment and management

The system’s candidate recruitment module operates in conjunction with the required position or general candidates’ management, and allows opening a position, entering candidates and recruitment documents, comparing candidate data to the position’s requirements, and producing reports and printouts.

Social benefits management

The social benefits module allows the appropriate manager to conduct ongoing actions in the organization in a fast, efficient and easy manner.

Training management module

The system allows documenting employee courses and training updates or seminars, managing absenteeism due to training, documenting data in the employee’s file, and more

Managing slots

Malam Payroll allows presenting a slot relative to its position at the overall organizational level, the organizational unit level, and all the way through individual position, including position reports versus historical position reports. Positions can be managed (and simultaneously managed by position, or type of position) based on definitions in the system.

Employee assessment

Malam HR supports parallel management of several assessment forms (such as experience, regular employee, manager assessment, etc).

ESS – Employee Self Service Portal

ESS is first and foremost a user friendly online portal meant to allow employees view and update personal details instantly and securely, without needing to wait or require further assistance.

Malam Payroll Effective-the managerial alerts system

Malam Payroll developed a manager-focused tool that allows managing active alerts for effective employee management.

Employee rank promotion management – a solution for the municipal sector

MALAM HR can define the range of ranks and promotion tracks based on the organization’s employment constitution.

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