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Incentives system

Incentives system

The salary incentives system is a computerized program that executes employee premiums calculations.

The salary incentives reports and calculations system serves as a part of the monthly work process in which data for activities of various organizational departments are reported.  These data are integrated into the employee’s attendance data and help calculate each employee’s personal incentives.

Premiums calculations are conducted in this system, and paid via monthly salary in Malam Payroll’s system.  The data can serve the production engineering unit’s staff for auditing activities by various units, or on the other hand be used to feed in premium components to which an employee is entitled.

The system is an inseparable part of the payroll system and functions with the same data base.  The employee data source is identical for all system and creates data uniformity.  Integrating the systems additionally allows data flow from the salary system to the incentives system and back in an efficient, transparent manner.  The system is internet based and secured in the ASP module open to defined users in various units.

System advantages

  • Centralized data relating to incentives and data display: volume of activity by incentive groups, data on hours invested, efficiency data, data on quality, premium related data and more.
  • Data availability to production engineering units, human resources units and other permissions holders in the organization.
  • Streamlining work processes.
  • Executing computerized processes for unit efficiency calculations, total efficiency, quality factors and premiums.
  • Efficiency with premium calculations and symbol transmission for salaries.
  • Providing computerized retroactive adjustment possibilities automatically.
  • Uniting and unifying data bases, preserving them and positioning them for structured reports including export to Excel files.

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