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Malam HR human resources system

Malam HR human resources system

The most advanced and comprehensive HR system in Israel

In addressing human resources management challenges, Malam Payroll has made its HR system available to clients.  The system fully integrates with all other Malam systems, particularly with salaries and attendance modules.  Malam HR can also be used as an independent program providing numerous advantages for human resources management in your organization.

Malam Payroll’s integrative human resources system is processive, and supports the employee’s life cycle in the organization from recruitment to acceptance while fully managing all relevant data from the personal, professional and organizational perspectives, including employee education, seniority, positions, organizational structure, slot versus positioning, social benefits, and training management.  In actuality, the employee’s life cycle is fully realized with the retirement process.

A whole world – just like your organization’s employees

The ability to integrate all data into a human resources module without interfaces, alongside the attendance and salaries module, promotes beneficial monthly remuneration for employees while simultaneously ensuring precise and correct salary calculations.

The system provides employees with a range of internet services such as smart salary slip, links for HR processes in the organizational portal, and full management of relevant documents, both electronic and scanned, to ensure maximum independent, efficiency and transparency.

The system includes the following capabilities:

  • Managing the employee’s personal file including documents archive
  • Managing alerts and tasks
  • Organizational structure
  • Letters and requests generator
  • Special events based on client requirements

Additional modules for the system cover position slotting management, recruitment, social benefits, employee assessment, and training management.

Managing the employee’s personal file

Every employee file managed in the system contains personal details (name, ID number, address, bank account details, etc.), details of the employee’s partner and family members, period of employment and seniority, rank, position history, employment breaks, education, language fluency, professionalism, courses, military service, vehicle ownership or use, evaluations, recommendations and references, letters and documents.

Electronic archive for managing computerized documents file

The e-archive module allows computerized management of each employee’s documents file including letters, certificates, authorizations and more.  Any document of any format can be affiliated to a library and sub-library.  Every document is keyed into topics through dividers and sub-dividers.  Additionally, the system holds a document search and view mechanism for catalogued items.  This archive negates the need for weighty paper files and allows precise fast retrieval of material as needed.

Special events and client requirement adaptations

As part of the system’s capabilities, adaptations can be made for all types of unique client needs by establishing or adding special fields, such as “important events.”

Managing tasks and alerts

The human resources management module allows promoting tasks and actions on a check list according to the organization’s preferred order of occurrence, while simultaneously defining the party responsible for the task at any of its stages, sending alerts to various users, following up on schedules and opening new stages once a stage is completed.  The alerts module makes it possible to create a user alert based on fulfilled conditions, such as discussion meeting with an employee, approaching expiry of agreement validity, and so on.

Organizational structure

The system supports managing an organizational tree at multiple levels (client, office, department, unit, etc.) including maintaining the history of changes for each organizational unit.  The organizational tree is an infrastructure component in the system, and shared by all modules.

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