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Malam Payroll’s attendance system was developed to comprehensively address monthly work time analysis and calculations, which constitute a central factor in employees’ salaries.  The salary system provides a full solution for your organization’s payroll accountants while ensuring employee rights and presenting fully transparent real time data.

 Malam On Time analyzes employees’ entitlement to remuneration on the basis of work hours and personal data, such as working mothers; organizational affiliation; and entitlement data.  The system translates the data into a monthly employee salary.  The hours worked is a also derivative of additional remunerative elements such as overtime, absentee deductions, utilization of sick leave or vacation, and so on.

The attendance system is an integral part of Malam Payroll’s HR management system and operates in synchronicity with the Malam Payroll’s complementary solutions, including online attendance clock, internet attendance reports, MTA app, and phone-in reports.

Collecting, monitoring and processing all attendance data in the system is controlled and flexible.

The system enters attendance clock data and various absentee data and processes them while calculating the following components:

  • Employee data – joint employee data base for the payroll, HR and attendance system
  • Employee profile – collective, hourly, managerial or other, as well as relevant sub-sets
  • Attendance clock data and absenteeism reports – including on-call, absentee, emergency calls and more
  • Accrued absentee rights – data for vacations, sick leave days, training, and more with correct balance at the start of the calculation month
  • Salary agreements and attendance applicable to the employee
  • Additional components – elements relating to religion, overtime and more

As an outcome of these components, the Malam On Time system provides two main outputs:

  1. A set of symbols indicating the type of addition as well as the number of hours per additional remuneration, for calculating payments and / or deductions from employee salaries.
  2. Updated “meters” for absenteeism and overtime. The system allows checking queries relative to balance sheets and the “meters” they manage.  This capability can also be integrated into the Malam Payroll Effective manager alerts system.


System capabilities and characteristics

The system contains smart tabled language for defining complex attendance agreements, including:

  • Defining agreements and their content
  • Setting work hour quotas by days
  • Agreement diary
  • Graded overtime and various benefits
  • Benefits on regular work / shiftwork / rosters / emergency calls
  • Full analysis of absenteeism: vacation, sick leave, training
  • Full budget breakdowns by budgetary clause / organizational units / departments / branches / activities by people entitled to salaries
  • Limiting overtime
  • Handling work breaks
  • Calculating part time positions


Main components of clock analysis

  • Regular work hours
  • Shift work hours
  • On call / roster hours
  • Emergency calls


Data bases and absenteeism

  • Regular vacation
  • Vacation on account of overtime
  • Regular sick leave
  • Sick leave on declared days
  • Sick leave to care for child, parent, family member, partner
  • Pregnancy absenteeism
  • Paid professional training
  • Professional training during shift hours
  • Military reserve duty
  • Elective days
  • Elective / enforced strikes
  • Days of mourning
  • Work accidents
  • Suspension.

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