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National Insurance (Bituach Leumi) – automated claims and reports

National Insurance (Bituach Leumi) – automated claims and reports

  • Form 102

Form 102 is the employer’s monthly report to the National Insurance Institution.  Malam Payroll’s system will automatically transfer monthly payments on Form 102 to national insurance through its interface, which coordinates all existing data while receiving automated feedback that the report has been assimilated by the National Insurance Institution.

Malam Payroll’s interface simplifies the process into an efficient monthly report on the form.  Sending the information is secured via an electronic safe.  This saves valuable time and effort which would otherwise be spent on physically bringing the forms to an Israel Post branch.

  • Code 7 entitlements form

This form includes all instances in which negative national insurance sums accrue due to reduction of retroactive salary, changes in personal data creating reduced percentages, retroactive tax adjustments or for any other reason.  The file holds information at the level of employee including a code representing the reason for the requested return, and additional details as required.  This form is sent monthly direct to the National Insurance Institution.

  • Social Security claims

A system for producing automated claims requests for National Insurance social security.  The request is produced from the systems and includes the social security beneficiary’s personal details, as well as salary details such as employment periods and relevant dates.  The requests produced by the system are identical to national insurance forms for multiple instances, such as maternity allowance, pregnancy risk leave, work accidents, military reserve duty, or preferential work grants for discharged soldiers.  The reserve duty form is meant for specific cases; it is produced and sent at the monthly and total-organization levels based on National Insurance Institution instructions, in addition to the parallel outputted form for printing by the employer.

  • Births interface

The automated maternity / birth interface saves manual entry of salary units and saves the employee from needing to physically apply to her employer and the National Insurance offices.  The maternity leave interface allows employers to automatically submit the relevant claim for maternity leave at the organization level, including claims for payment of differentials.

The interface automatically addresses management of maternity leave claims, manages correct reliable payment of maternity leave according to law (current and differentials), fully and automatically implements the mother’s rights (current and differentials), and also serves as a reliable, personal service for the mother.

  • Policy holder files

These files contain data for early pension takers or policy holders on maternity leave.  The files include personal and monthly insurance data, and are sent direct to the National Insurance Institution every quarter.

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