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Nursing staff slotting system

Nursing staff slotting system

The nursing staff slotting system fully addresses employee shifts including on-call and rotation shifts via easy, fast and user friendly visual tools.Slotting employees into diverse activities occurs while displaying priorities and alerts that help reach optimal slotting for the organization and its employees.

The slotting, priorities and alerts module contains a smart algorithm based on employment laws defined by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, such as limitation of shifts per week, coordinated with organizational regulations such as slotting employees on festivals or holidays, while giving consideration to employee requests, such as preferring night shifts, alongside work shifts already executed and shifts still available and relevant for the employee.

The nursing staff slotting system is integrative with Malam Payroll’s attendance and payroll systems, without interfaces, and allows managers to effectively plan their employees’ work hours at the daily level while auditing costs derived from these actions and cross referencing planning with actual execution.

The system offers a user friendly visual tool for slotting employees into required activities while displaying priorities and alerts as it optimally allocates staff and offers management options available to the company’s headquarters.  The system also offers audit tools at the daily and weekly levels.

The nursing staff slotting system is centralized and serves all levels in the organization from individual employee to department managers, planners and human resources staff, and more, based on your organization’s structure, unit privileges, and organizational data security, including possibilities of centralized control management from headquarters.

Advantages of the nursing staff slotting system include:

  • The system allows automatized slotting based on parameters and with one click.
  • Comfortable internet interface, which is user friendly for managers and employees.
  • Follow-up of planning versus execution at the daily, weekly and monthly levels to avoid deviations from monthly budget limitations.
  • Centralized system for documenting general rules and parameters for slotting employees.
  • Optimal slotting based on organizational targets and permissible regulations.
  • Switching from manual decentralized procedure to computerized uniform process.
  • Registering and documenting the process, changes and actual outcomes.
  • Control tool for all levels of management in the organization.
  • Data availability for all levels of organization management at any given moment.
  • Flexible system absorbs last minute changes for extraordinary events.
  • Work tool for predicting and following up on costs derived from employee slotting.

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