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Payroll Accountant Placement

Payroll Accountant Placement

Many organizations tend to focus on their core business and seek complementary services from specialized companies.  Malam Payroll offers its clients payroll services via outsourcing with professional payroll accountants who will follow the organization’s guidelines, hold broad knowledge from the world of payroll accountancy, and are deeply familiar with the supporting programs.  The payroll accountant’s work is constantly backed up so that absenteeism will not disrupt ongoing services or the client’s vision.

Clients are linked to a payroll accountant who is available through the organization’s contact person, will address questions and resolve issues, collects and handles materials during standard work hours and beyond, if necessary, based on client needs while upholding the client’s interests and targets.

Our payroll accountant can also physically attend your company’s offices during time frames set by both sides as needed.

Payroll accountant’s activities

The payroll accountant’s activities are diverse and encompass all client needs:

  • Receiving data on employees from the contact person, handling the data and preparing it for salary payments, opening indexes for new employees, handling employees leaving the organization, updating employee details, and more.
  • Receiving analyzed attendance, vacation and sick leave reports from the organization’s appointed liaison and entering them into the payroll system.
  • Receiving attendance totals (basic hours, overtime, absenteeism, etc.) and analyzing attendance.
  • Checking of salary slips independently and in coordination with the client’s audit system, addressing company accountant’s questions when preparing balance sheets.
  • Clarifying employee salaries through the organization’s central contact person.
  • Handling and assisting with employee rights and obligations: free loans, severance and compensation, vacation redemption, health and more.
  • Preparing reports for National Insurance (Bituach Leumi) claims.


Producing reports

In addition to salary calculations, the payroll accountant will produce the following reports:

  • Confidential salary slip + copy
  • Report for banks + transfer to bank clearing house
  • Preparation of Form 120 for payment of income tax and national insurance
  • Pension fund reports
  • Report of payments and deductions by symbol
  • Accounting command file + report
  • Alphabetical employee list
  • Employee details forms
  • Organization tax report
  • National insurance allocations report
  • Reserve (military) duty and national insurance transfer report


Designated reports

  • Coordination manager’s report
  • Vacation, health and compensation allocations report
  • Employer costs report
  • Personal employee card


Year end processing

  • Year end processes
  • Employee Form 106
  • Report 126 + income tax file
  • Form 101

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