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Payroll Simulator–individual and group

Payroll Simulator–individual and group

Malam Payroll’s payroll simulator is an advanced predictive tool allowing users and managers in the organization to check future events and changes that assist in taking payroll related organizational decisions.

The simulator will run employer salary calculations and costing, activate authentic salary constitutions rather than coefficients or work premises, and give extremely precise results.

In our dynamic world, salary costs are a significant element in any organization’s financial expenses.  Malam Payroll’s simulator allows checking the financial meaning of any type of change in the organization, such as efficiency streamlining, changes to salary agreements, retirement and employee replacement, and more.  The simulator will present consequences of changes in terms of costs for managerial ranks via reports such as cost comparison, simulator data compared to actual data at the monthly level, and more.

Malam Payroll’s simulator is a separate field in the data base.                             Even though the module is part of the payroll system, activating it will not impact ongoing payroll data or payroll system performance.

The simulator offers the organization a space in which to prepare for changes to salary agreements prior to their actual implementation.  Once changes are entered into the system, it will automatically synchronize with salary components as defined by law.

The payroll simulator is based on real time data in your system, and is transparent to the user.  This data is copied by the user into the simulator to produce simulator outputs, and will not alter the original data.

Users can alter single or multiple components or parameters that influence salaries for the purpose of seeing how they affect all salary components, such as gross, net and cost to employer for nominal and real values.

  • Work independently: the system allows activating the simulator for individuals or groups by users in your organization.
  • Simulation level: the system offers simulations and data exploration at the level of individual employee, selected populations, or the entire employee body.
  • Information sources: the system contains data on employee positions in the payroll system, historical data from the payroll system, and company salary constitutions that encompass work agreements, collective agreements and so on.
  • Populations: the simulator includes a whiz for defining populations based on specific conditions or free choice of employees. New organizational units can also be set up.
  • Simulation for structuring future salaries: the system enables checking future changes on salary components by giving options for sensitivity analysis and conclusions derived from the impact of these changes on short term and long term salary costs.
  • Simulation results investigation: different simulation outcomes can be explored and compared.
  • Options for defining changes: Malam Payroll’s salary simulator holds multiple options for defining changes that manifest at various levels, including: personal data of individual employee or an employee population for actions such as increasing or reducing a salary component by percentages or quantities; cancellation of a salary component; updating components, and more.
  • Saved simulation outcomes: system users’ simulations can be saved based on an identity number, simulation descriptor, or time and date of execution.  The system also allows comparing simulations.

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