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Payroll System

Payroll System

The most precise payroll calculator in Israel

Malam Payroll is Israel’s largest and leading company in development, implementation and management of advanced payroll systems.  Malam Payroll offers a full range of payroll calculation, monitoring, investigative and management solutions serving your organization’s payroll staff and defined levels of management, as well as your employees who can access information of importance to them.

Malam Payroll solutions operate in coordination with Israel’s labor laws and ordinances, and with regulations relating to taxation authorities, National Insurance (Bituach Leumi) and all pension funds.  Changes in laws are automatically updated to ensure full control and precise synchronicity among all components impacting your payment to employees and your organization’s costs.

A formula for success

In addition to existing solutions, Malam Payroll adapts the payroll system by including user friendly add-consolidate or developing capabilities as required.  This ensures that our clients will receive the product that best serves their specific requirements.

Malam Payroll is deeply committed to our clients’ satisfaction, which manifests monthly with more than 850,000 salary slips in Israel produced through the company’s payroll system.

Malam Payroll invites you to join hundreds of organizations that have already chosen to enjoy the most sought after payroll solutions in Israel.

Malam Payroll

Malam Payroll is part of a unique technological and professional solution. The system is an integral part of our perception for total human resources management,

National Insurance (Bituach Leumi) – automated claims and reports

Form 102 is the employer’s monthly report to the National Insurance Institution.

Payroll Simulator–individual and group

Malam Payroll’s payroll simulator is an advanced predictive tool allowing users and managers in the organization to check future events and changes that assist in taking payroll related organizational decisions.

Calculating compensation and account closure

Compensation and retirement grants can be calculated for any employee terminating employment through the compensation or pension retirement tracks, including adaptation grant, advance notification, vacation redemption, sick leave redemption, and more.

Electronic Form 101 system

Malam Payroll developed a system that electronically produces, completes and manages Form 101 and is approved by the taxation authorities.

Payroll Data Cellphone App

M-Slip is a mobile phone application for viewing salary data. It allows easy access to an employee’s main salary information such as gross and net income, main deductions, and balances for sick leave and vacation

Smart internet salary slip

The smart salary slip system also saves the historical data in the organization and allows exploring and managing information on salary components based on agreements and the company’s salary constitution.

Incentives system

The salary incentives system is a computerized program that executes employee premiums calculations.

Among Our Clients

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