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Pension and provident fund management system

Pension and provident fund management system

Malam Payroll has built the most advanced system in Israel for managing pension and provident funds.  The system is adapted to regulations and developed on cutting edge technology.  It fully addresses an institution’s needs from the moment an employee joins the fund, and covers monthly payment transfers, rights and entitlements, reports, and all types of redemption and allowance payments.  These and many other related activities are executed based on one single data base that allows the institution to link audit and data management processes.

The system allows implementing multiple definitions by the organization’s authorized personnel, saving the need for further system development.  The system also interfaces structurally with investment, finance, document management and other systems, in accordance with the institution’s requirements.

Malam Payroll employs content experts who top their field, enabling Malam Payroll to adapt the system to the insurance market’s trends and to all relevant regulations.

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