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Professional Support

Professional Support

Malam Payroll, aiming to ensure its clients’ success, provides a professional support team’s services to assist in managing and streamlining organizational processes and aiding smooth effortless transitions out of old systems and into assimilation of the company’s updated systems.


Malam Payroll offers frontal mentoring and seminars to individuals and teams for assimilating and following up on new systems integrated into the organization.  The telephone support team will assist in later stages as needed.

External consultation

Malam Payroll provides external professional consultations and support on taxation ordinances including income tax, national insurance (Bituach Leumi), pension and provident funds, and more.  Our company’s consultants are attentive to client needs and will preserve the organization’s interests at the levels of management, cost efficiency and employee conditions and benefits.

Outsourcing and support in your field

As a complementary service, Malam Payroll offers payroll and attendance staff placements.  Malam Payroll’s professionals operate as part of your company’s organizational team, onsite or externally, coordinating with your organization’s departments and relevant staff.

Malam Payroll offers clients quality, skilled and experienced professionals who can precisely address your organization’s needs, allowing your organization to maximize ongoing efficiency, reduce risk and simultaneously remain technologically current.

Outsourced Malam Payroll professionals undergo ongoing training to develop and update their capabilities in their field.

Our experts are at your service for any request, consultancy and advice.  Join dozens of organizations that already enjoying peace of mind:

Payroll Accountant Placement

Malam Payroll offers its clients payroll services via outsourcing with professional payroll accountants who will follow the organization’s guidelines, hold broad knowledge from the world of payroll accountancy, and are deeply familiar with the supporting programs.

Outsourced attendance services

Malam Payroll specializes in placement of attendance experts for clients. The service includes operating and managing the attendance system by a professional service oriented attendance payroll accountant with knowledge of labor processes, the ability to analyze and execute agreements, and experience.

Project leading and assimilation

Malam Payroll’s project manager is the link between your organization’s professionals and Malam Payroll’s experts. Our project manager will activate your team based on your vision and needs.

Salary Audit

With the bill for enforcement of labor laws passed, Malam Payroll offers audit services on salary payments together with all accompanying rights required of employers for their employees and all contract workers providing your organization with services.

Among Our Clients

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