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Project leading and assimilation

Project leading and assimilation

Malam Payroll – leading for you!

Malam Payroll is Israel’s largest and leading company in developing and implementing systems and tools for managing your organization’s salaries, HR, attendance and pension savings activities.

Our company’s vast experience and professionalism have made it possible for Malam Payroll to offer comprehensive and full services addressing all client organization’s new project development and assimilation needs.  Whether your organization needs assimilation and coordination of intra-organizational processes, or development of a new tool, Malam Payroll has the knowledge, experience and skilled HR to successfully fill your requirements.

One contact point, personal and reliable, for all your organization’s needs

Malam Payroll’s project manager is the link between your organization’s professionals and Malam Payroll’s experts.  Our project manager will activate your team based on your vision and needs.

A Malam Payroll project manager assists in characterizing and understanding the client’s precise requirements and matches them with an optimal solution to cope with immediate constraints and simultaneously allow the flexibility needed for organization growth later on.  Our professional teams also develop and assimilate the solution while preparing all relevant information needed for inputting by the organization’s contact person/s.  Once the process is completed, comprehensive training is provided, where the project manager offers full personal support towards ensuring optimal operational independence among the organization’s relevant staff.

For complex projects, Malam Payroll provides outsourced management services.  The project manager operates within the client’s organization.  In this way the project manager gains a firsthand perspective on the nature of the organization’s work, identifies possible weaknesses and proposes efficiency and streamlining suggestions.  The project manager in actuality becomes an inseparable part of the success of your organization’s enterprise.

Malam Payroll’s seal of quality

As with all Malam Payroll services, project leading and assimilation is executed by investing in in-depth understanding of the common challenges faced by organizations, taking all relevant laws into consideration, and adopting responsible efficiency based methodologies.  Everything is done to make it possible for clients to focus on their business activities rather than on intra-organizational flow processes.

Let us learn your organization’s needs and provide you with a consultation as you take the next significant step in developing your new project.

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