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Increasing numbers of retail organizations must become more efficient if they are to address consumerism’s need of quality services that are inexpensive and readily available.  Success in business means increasing the demand and expanding into new branches, a reality which creates multiple challenges for human resources and payroll managers:

  • Decentralized employees: the retail sector’s employees are spread across a chain’s multiple outlets. integrative management of employee data provides a fuller picture concerning each employee.
  • Slotting employees: managing and monitoring transition of employees between branches makes it easier to uphold targets or cope with opening new branches.
  • Reliable attendance reports: the retail sector’s employees usually work in shifts. This makes it vital to follow up on maximizing slots and avoiding anomalies.  Attendance data must also be received from regional managers in the field, drivers, logistics employees and subcontractors.
  • Calculating commissions: it is common practice for the retail sector to calculate employee payouts based on commissions from direct sales and the length of time sales staff remain employed by the company.


Malam Payroll presents – the ultimate toolbox

Malam Payroll presents a full range of solutions for human resources requirements in general, and ideal solutions for managing HR in retail organizations in particular.  These solutions contribute to lateral organizational efficiency, minimizing failures and errors, and improving intra-organizational communication at the personal and departmental levels.

Among the solutions Malam Payroll offers are:

  • Malam Payroll HR – a system accompanying the employee’s life in the organization, from assimilation up until cessation of employment. The system allows creating a full detailed employee profile containing personal, family and professional information, important events, positions and rank, and more.  The HR system operates in full synchronicity with Malam Payroll’s attendance and payroll systems and can be further adapted to the organization’s needs.
  • Attendance report – an exclusive solution for the retail sector in the form of a biometric clock installed onto the cash register. The employee signs in by finger print, saving costs of hardware maintenance.  The employee’s data are then stored in the attendance data base.  Organization managers can view and authorize the data at any given moment in real time.
  • Employee slotting system – allows dynamic management of organization employees to support filling targets without causing irregularities, while maintaining employee rights. This system is ideal for retail chains and particularly those where employees operate in several branches according to need, or for providing HR to new branches.
  • Payroll audit service – Malam Payroll offers periodic checks and samplings to ensure no anomalies exist in employment conditions, salary components and more. This service is suited to organizations employing diverse populations such as contractors, temporary workers, workers from different religions, etc.
  • Malam Effective Payroll – a unique solution opening an audit and alerts system for organization managers. Malam Effective Payroll warns of irregularities in slot utilization and generally prevents anomalies on the employer’s and employee’s part.


Join hundreds of leading companies in the retail market who choose to enjoy Malam Payroll’s adapted, effective solutions with proven HR management capabilities.

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