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Malam Payroll is the first company in Israel to offer its clients SAP, complementing the ERP concept and fully integrating with all SAP modules, particularly the human resources, attendance, and organization finances modules.

Horizontal communication with one click

One of the challenges facing organizations is the difficulty in organization, managing and using data from several sources, particularly if this data accrues in the organization over a long period.

SAP acts as a bridge, linking the gaps, unifying data received from diverse departments in the organization, and presenting them in one interface for an intuitive, continuous user experience.

In this way human resources managers and payroll accountants achieve advanced horizontal perspectives and segmentation options for the organization, its employees, costs and operations.

Making the change – together

Proven technology advances together with innovations, adapting functionality to changes and policy dictates.  This technology is geared at serving all markets and populates cross referencing information abilities for the public payroll market, such as government offices, security organizations, banks and public institutions, as well as for the private sector, such as hi-tech, media and industrial companies.

Malam Payroll is proud to present and implement a range of SAP solutions and bring the HR management user experience into the future.

SAP Payroll

Malam Pay & Roll is the first company in Israel to offer SAP customers the complete concept of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), enjoying full integration with all SAP modules, in particular the organization’s financial and human resources modules.


The SAP HR module is one of the world’s most advanced and widely-used solutions in the field of ERP systems and more specifically in the field of Human Resources.

SAP Time Management

Integration of SAP’s attendance module with the HR and Payroll modules is guaranteed to yield countless advantages for your organization.

HR Budget Planning Cost Module

Planning the personnel budget is a significant component in any organization’s overall budget planning.

Among Our Clients

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