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SAP Payroll

SAP Payroll

Malam Pay & Roll is the first company in Israel to offer SAP customers the complete concept of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), enjoying full integration with all SAP modules, in particular the organization’s financial and human resources modules.

Implementation of the payroll system delivers accuracy, speed and transparency, all of which are the result of data integration. The system perfects the work of payroll accountants, significantly reduces the need for interfaces and printed reports, and allows for real-time incorporation of payroll data in the managers’ portal utilizing SAP’s standard BW (Business Warehouse) tools. As a result of our unique familiarity with SAP, we specialize in providing expert services for the entire HR world including application, development and implementation of both the HR and Time Management modules.

Malam Pay & Roll’s experts have unique knowledge of the HR world, allowing SAP clients to enjoy a full HR solution. This means all-inclusive employee management perfectly suited for your organization starting from personal information, qualifications, job description and the employee’s incorporation within the organizational structure, through attendance management in the Time Management module and up to payroll management and actual payment of the employee’s salary in the Payroll module.

SAP’s Payroll system exposes the Israeli market to capabilities, developments and innovations currently functioning in some 60 countries around the world, all of which share the SAP Payroll platform. The system is fully compatible with the legal requirements in the field of payroll in each country. This solution is based on decades of experience in the field and is built on the SAP standard, which enhances current activities and lessens TCO (total cost of ownership).
This is proven technology, which progresses hand in hand with modern times and can adapt to the appropriate functionality dictated by different countries. The system enables you to access and explore data from various modules (such as logistics, HR, and finances) with payroll data for the purpose of analysis, control and planning.

SAP Payroll has a built-in, sophisticated authorization system for every organizational segment, as well as all required data sections and built-in advanced control tools.

The system is designed for all types of markets: the public payroll market such as government offices, security entities, banks and public institutions, as well as the private market including high-tech companies, media and industry.

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