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Data security

Data security

Malam Payroll upholds ISO standards and practices as part of its strict, advanced data security policy.  The company holds the Standards Association Gold Label and certification for the following standards, which it applies:

  • ISO 27001 data security standard
  • ISO 22301 business continuity standard
  • SSAE16 accounting standard – in the framework of audits by a leading external accounting company
  • ISO 9001 quality management standard
  • ISO 9000-3 quality software standard

The system allows total compartmentalization, using security mechanisms, aimed at preventing information exposure to unauthorized parties.

The company implements discretionary mechanisms vis-à-vis employees’ personal salary data, based on its belief in, and need for, ensuring the organization employees’ privacy.

Malam Payroll existing salaries mechanism holds a flexible permissions tool allowing access by diverse users, display per specific user, and diverse possibilities for limiting display abilities, such as:

  • Systems manager permission: the organization defines permissions for the systems manager for overall activities on all system modules.
  • Users with viewing permission only: the systems manager can define single or group users in the system, with viewing permission that does not allow data updates.
  • Limiting user abilities: the system supports limited system usage capabilities. The system provides the system manager with tools for limiting single or group user abilities.  Through the automatically structured dynamic menu, the user is provided with the displays for which she or he is authorized.

Update actions in the system are documented through an electronic signature which allows recording, follow-up and expansive control in real time of any action executed by any specific user.  Viewing the LOG allows receiving details on who executed an action, when it was executed, and on the action itself, for any detail in the system.

Malam Payroll works to preserve information reliability and wholeness in the system and is stringent about initiating actions that reduce and neutralize risks to the system’s data security.

Malam Payroll works continuously to refresh guidelines and enhance awareness among its own employees in this field by conducting its own stringent internal audit and control on all aspects of Malam Payroll activities.

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