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Solutions for employers

Solutions for employers

Effective transparent solutions for pension savings management

Ensuring that pension payments are correctly managed is a significant requirement of the payroll world, both as preparation for retirement and pensions, or as preparation for an employee’s termination of employment and transfer of savings to a future employer.

Many employees also consider responsible management of their pension funds as an important aspect of their wellbeing in the organization, and expect employers to provide them with user friendly tools to follow-up and manage these monies.

Open communication up until retirement

The need to preserve transparency, precision and maximum synchronicity among all factors led Malam Payroll to develop diverse solutions for management and follow-up of pension savings.  Malam Payroll works with pension organizations and can provide personally adapted solutions at the technological and content levels in accordance with the law and the client’s needs.

In this way employees, organization managers and pension fund employees can receive reliable real time data and nurture an open line of communication.

Malam Payroll invites you to join hundreds of organizations which have already chosen us, and currently enjoy the most sought after pension savings systems in Israel.

Employer payout to fund system

Employer payouts to provident funds is a process requiring employer resources. In ensuring controlled, effective payouts, Malam Payroll structured a provident and pension payments system that allows every employer to set its needs, and execute secure computerized monthly payments and reports to funds and beneficiaries.

Pension collection office

Provident fund payments regulations lodged at the close of 2014, and additional legislation as upcoming stages which the Treasury plans to approve, creates a situation where the employee must responsibly cope w correct pension payments to funds, and ensure that institutions have also correctly received the funds transferred to them.

Among Our Clients

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