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Solutions for institutions

Solutions for institutions

Effective solutions for managing institutions

Ensuring policy holders that their pension monies are correctly managed is a significant concern in our world.

Frequent changes resulting from regulation updates require that institutions are able to quickly and effectively absorb any change.

Fierce competition among organizations, leading to reductions in management fees, means that institutions must become more efficient while providing top level service and upholding multiple regulatory requirements.  Additionally, many workers view responsible management of pension savings as an important aspect of their wellbeing in the organization, and expect accessible user friendly tools available for them to follow-up and manage these funds.

In ensuring maximum transparency, precision and synchronicity, Malam Payroll has developed a range of management, audit and efficiency tools related to pension savings.  Malam Payroll works with provident and pension funds and a broad range of clients, and can proved solutions adapted at the technological and content levels based on current laws and client needs to improve the client’s work processes and efficiency.

Malam Payroll invites you to join hundreds of organizations which have already chosen us, and currently enjoy the most sought after pension savings systems in Israel.

Pension and provident fund management system

Malam Payroll has built the most advanced system in Israel for managing pension and provident funds. The system is adapted to regulations and developed on cutting edge technology.

Clearing-house Event Management System

Malam Payroll has developed a gateway system linking the institution to the central financial clearing house while providing full support of the Treasury’s capital markets department, upholding all regulations, and being easy for clients to operate.

Benefits payments system

Malam Payroll defined a designated module in the payroll system that executes benefits payments of all types, based on guidelines provide by institutions and Israel’s formal authorities.

Medical Committees Management System

As part of the system developed for institutions, Malam Payroll also developed a platform that efficiently manages medical committees while conducting follow-up and maintaining regulatory guidelines.

Among Our Clients

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