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Teacher slotting system

Teacher slotting system

Malam Payroll proudly presents the advanced teachers and teaching staff slotting system.This system offers support of permissions based on levels of authority defined in the organization, while additionally providing full support of all Ministry of Education guidelines and circulars, standards and reforms including implementation of new and / or periodically updated reforms.

The system is dynamic, flexible, supports division of work hours based on annual outputs in accordance with changes to any teacher’s scope of position.  This makes slotting of teachers affiliated with more than one reform in the same academic year simpler.

Designated solution for teaching organizations

The teacher slotting system contains HR, attendance and payroll modules managed from one central database.  This means that management is effective, precise, and holistic.

The system updates constantly to the Ministry of Education’s requirements and allows payroll accountants and human resources managers to focus on their core work instead of on inputting updates.

With all Ministry of Education standards integrated into the slotting system, information is in computerized formats in the system, preventing the need for manual calculations and their attendant errors when preparing data on rights, reimbursements, teacher overlaps for the same questionnaires, limitations on fulfilling positions based on the number of frontal hours needed, checking that no deviations occur beyond the scope of the position, and more.

Additionally, the teacher slotting system is set to implement future changes based on decisions set by agreements.  The system allows simulations of future calculations as a means of readying for changes to the organization’s expenses and to its staff.

Advantages and characteristics

  • Follow-up of planning versus execution to avoid deviation.
  • Centralized system for documenting guidelines, rules and parameters for employee slotting.
  • Optimal slotting based on organizational targets and permissible rules.
  • Switching from a manual decentralized procedure to a computerized uniform one.
  • Registering and documenting processes, changes and actual outcomes.
  • Audit tool and accessible data for all levels of organizational management.
  • Flexible to last minute changes and special events, absenteeism, increased personal and teacher swaps.
  • Work tool for predicting and following up on financial costs deriving from employee slotting.
  • Technical blocking of possibilities of breaching employer laws and intra-organizational rules when slotting.
  • Automatic updates reflecting changes to the law.

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