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Terms of Use of the Malam Website

Terms of Use of the Malam Website

Malam Payroll Ltd. (hereinafter: the “Company” or “Malam Payroll”) welcomes the users of its services. The following terms define your rights and obligations when using our website’s content.

Please read these terms carefully, as they represent a binding agreement between you and the Company. Your right to use the content is subject to your adherence to the terms and restrictions described in this agreement at all time. If you do not agree to these terms, please refrain from using this website.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned, additional or other terms may apply with respect to certain material, data, software and services offered via this website. In the event of a contradiction between such additional or other terms and these terms of use, these terms of use shall supersede. Please refer to the applicable agreement or notice for further details.

Use of the Website’s Content

The term “content” applies to all the website’s material, including (among others): information of any kind, and any content, such as visuals, audio, audio-visual, signs, symbols and icons, illustrations, photos, drawings, videoclips, articles, scans, data, notices, analyses, evaluations and calculators, as well as any combination thereof, including the design, adaptation, editing and display manner thereof. Also included are all the technological tools used for the operation of the website, including any software, file, computer code, application, format, protocol, database and interface.

This website and the content thereof are intended for personal use only and cannot be used commercially without proper authorization.

Your right to use this website is subject to your agreement not to alter its content in any way, safeguard all the intellectual property of its proprietors and accept all the terms of the license and use.

Limitation of Liability

ALL OF THE CONTENT, MATERIAL, INFORMATION, PRODUCTS, SOFTWARE, PROGRAMS AND SERVICES INCLUDED ON THE WEBSITE ARE PROVIDED “AS IS” WITHOUT LIABILITY OR GUARANTEE OF ANY KIND. Though an effort has been made in order to process the content for the outmost accuracy, some mistakes, inaccuracies or misprints may occur. There is no guarantee that the information included on this website is accurate, updated and comprehensive, and the Company does not assume any responsibility with respect to mistakes and/or errors, as applicable. Moreover, professional advice is dependent on the accurate facts of each case. Therefore, the publications on the website are not recommendations or opinions and you must check and verify them should you choose to use them. Any use of the content published on the website is made under your sole responsibility.

Malam Payroll shall assume no liability towards any third party for any damage whatsoever, with respect to this website, or to any use of this website or any resource provided via this website, or for use of the content, the material, information, products or services of any kind, as well as the download or access thereto, even if the Company shall explicitly become aware of the possibility of such damages.

Malam Payroll does not guarantee that the service provided via the website shall be free and clear of any interruptions or delays, nor updated, secured or error-free. The Company reserves its right to shut down the website or amend it without need for prior notice. The Company shall not be liable to any damage as a result of such shut down or amendment.

You hereby agree and acknowledge, that once you download or otherwise receive materials, information, products, software, programs or services, you assume full and complete responsibility for any damages or harm which may be incurred as a result thereof, including loss of data and/or harm to your computer system or the computer systems of others.

Intellectual Property

All the copyright of this website, the content and design thereof, as well as the trade marks included therein, are the sole property of the Company, unless explicitly mentioned otherwise.

This website and all the content thereof – are not be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, broadcasted, distributed, publicly displayed, sold, reflected on other websites or any other media, or used in order to create derivatives thereof, without the explicit prior written consent of the Company.

You are allowed to use the content “fairly”, pursuant to applicable Law and the restrictions included under these terms of use. Fair use includes reasonable quote of the protected content, while mentioning the origin thereof and without falsifying or otherwise altering the content, in a manner which may harm its value or the name and reputation of the proprietor thereof.

Privacy Protection Policy

For information security purposes, in order to improve and enrich the services and content provided via the website, and for purposes of website operation and development, the Company is entitled to collect statistic data on the website surfing, which does not identify the user personally. This data includes, among others, the behavior of the website surfers, the webpages accessed, etc. The Company will save this information on its servers and the use thereof shall be carried out solely pursuant to any and all applicable Law.

Please note that some of the services provided via this website require prior registration, in the framework of which, you will be required to provide personal information. The information you will provide will be saved on the Company’s databases. You are not obligated to provide such information, but you will not be able to use such services without providing such information.

Links from this Website

This website may include links or referrals to websites and resources which are not under the control of Malam Payroll. These links are provided for convenience purposes only and should not be regarded as an authorization, approval or recommendation of the Company to such websites or the content or products included thereon, nor to the operators of such websites.

Unless otherwise mentioned, there are no legal or commercial relations between the Company and the linked websites, and the Company has no control over the content, services, products or other materials included on such websites or which are available via such websites. The fact that a link exists on the Company’s website does not mean that the linked website is reliable, comprehensive and updated. Since the Company has no control over these sources, it will not bear any responsibility with respect to the content thereof and is not responsible for any outcome as a result of the use thereof or reliance thereupon.

The responsibility to advertisements published on the website lies solely with the publishers thereof. Malam Payroll will not be a party to any transaction which you may be engaged in with opposite third parties, even though you have been made aware of such third parties via Malam Payroll’s website.

When accessing a different website, which is not Malam Payoll’s website, please note that such website is independent and separate from the website of Malam Payroll and that Malam Payroll has no control over the content thereof. It is your responsibility to utilize the appropriate safety measures in order to protect yourself from viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other software, which may be malicious, and protect your information as you deem fit.

Links to this Website

All the links to this website must be approved in advance and in writing by Malam Payroll. Without derogating from the aforementioned, it is hereby clarified that Malam Payroll will not approve links in the following events:

  • If the links and webpages operated by the link create any frame around any webpage on this website, or use other techniques which alternatively alter the visual display or appearance of any content presented on this website;
  • Links which deep-link onto the website, unless created pursuant to the instructions of the Copyright Law, in which case, the link will refer to the webpage in its entirety, and allow view and use identical to those of the original website;
  • Links which misrepresent your connection with Malam Payroll;
  • Links which misrepresent and falsely represent with respect to Malam Payroll, or otherwise harm the reputation, name or trademarks of Malan Payroll.


The laws of the State of Israel will exclusively apply with respect to this agreement, apart from its rules regarding choice of international jurisdiction. Any dispute between the parties, including any dispute with respect to the use of the website and/or in connection with these terms of use shall be exclusively brought before the competent courts of Tel Aviv-Yaffo.

The Company reserves its right to amend these terms of use from time to time at its sole discretion. These terms of use shall apply upon the publication thereof on the website.

Among Our Clients

Content and tools on this website are meant to provide information, and should not be seen as a recommendation.

By using this website, users agree to our terms and conditions and accept their own responsibility to seek consultation from an authorized body.

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