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The media and hi-tech sectors are two of the most sought after in Israel, giving rise to unique challenges for organizations’ payroll and HR departments:

  • Changes in employee positioning – with high employee turnover in the media and hi-tech sectors, and multiple employment opportunities, demand in both sectors for employees is high.
  • Monitoring work hours and travel – in hi-tech, travel is frequent for senior staff and marketing representatives both inside and out of Israel. The demands of these positions make it harder to monitor work hours and travel reimbursements, and calculating salary components.
  • Outsourced workers – both media and hi-tech rely heavily on the services of outsources, temporary staff by project, and external consultants. This creates the need for a slotting and attendance system without salary slips.
  • Taxation calculations and payments on capital options – in both sectors capital options are commonly distributed, and involve complex calculations for capital options payments or yield, and taxes and National Insurance (Bituach Leumi) based on these options.


Human resources management – moving forward

Malam Payroll and the client jointly characterize the organization’s needs, learn the organizational behaviors and values, and identify possible weaknesses.  Malam Payroll will then optimally and comprehensively adapt the human resources management system, ensuring user friendly access.

Malam Payroll offers a full range of solutions addressing human resources requirements and diverse tools developed particularly for the media and hi-tech sectors based on its vast experience in working with both sectors.  Among the most sought solutions are:

  • Human resources system – offers diverse tools for managing the organization’s HR, including personal file management, creating a computerized documents archive, managing tasks and alerts, and managing the organization tree structure.
  • Malam Web Clock – allows the organization’s decentralized employees to convey attendance reports from any location and at any time via internet.
  • Smart Salary Slip – provides the employee with full transparency at all times relative to rights, utilization of monthly slot and salary components that influence salary remuneration.
  • Malam Payroll is part of the unique Malam system at the technological and professional levels. The system is an integral aspect of the overall HR management perception and allows the organization to control its salary costs before they are processed; and conduct audits, analysis and comprehensive exploration following processing.  The system also addresses payment calculations for capital options and yields and calculates relevant taxation and National Insurance  (Bituach Leumi) payments.

Among Our Clients

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