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The industrial sector is typified by large scale organizations whose employees work 24/7.  Malam Payroll offers comprehensive HR solutions that save on employee costs:

  • Working around the clock – most industrial employees work 24/7 due to the need for maximized outputs relative to ongoing manufacturing plant costs.
  • Employment agreements management – industrial employment agreements also contain collective agreements and variables that update by law. Malam’s payroll and attendance system fully support application and ongoing updates of all agreements, including for diverse employment conditions such as hourly or monthly workers, and contractors employees.
  • Employee positioning changes – the industrial sector is noted for high employee turnover due to burnout, and changes in organizational structure often resulting from changes in the market.
  • Pension savings – executing industry expansion orders requires ensuring employee pension savings.


Human resources management – moving forward

Malam Payroll offers integrative solutions for human resources management.  Together with the client, we structure an adapted system that meets the organization’s unique needs and challenges.  The system provides the client with maximum operational independence and advanced employee management tools:

  • Work roster system – is an integrative tool coordinating with the attendance and payroll systems, allowing managers to effectively plan employee activities at the daily level, while auditing the efficiency of their rosters and cross referencing planning with execution.
  • M-Clock system – online attendance clocks directly linked to Malam Payroll employee data bases. Data is reported in real time without the need for any interface.  The system allows the client to perform multiple and diverse checks at clock-in.  Clocking in at entry, for example, is checked online against the employee’s roster.  Using M-Clock lets the client implement organizational rules while maintaining employment laws and ordinances and avoiding their breach by employees. 
  • Cellphone accessible salary data – a cellphone application that allows easy access to the employee’s main salary data such as gross and net amounts, deductions, vacation and sick leave balances. Access is secure and private, based on user name and password produced by the Malam Payroll system.
  • Internet employee recruitment and assimilation form – employee recruitment is a significant part of the employee assimilation process. Malam Payroll developed an internal form for assimilating candidates’ details direct into the recruitment module.  The candidate fills details in on the internet form found on the company’s website, and the data is directly absorbed into the recruitment module.  The module then checks candidate details against the specific position, and in general.  The system allows opening employment slots and comparing candidates’ data relative to the position’s requirements.  A recruitment process is adapted for every type of need, including actions and stages in realizing workflow.  From the moment a decision is reached on assimilating a candidate, the candidate’s details are copied into an employee file and the calculations file.  Only specific additional details will need to be entered, rather than renewing all the new employee’s data.

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