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Malam Payroll offers a full range of solutions for human resources management.  The municipal sector contains unique challenges for payroll and human resources departments in city and local councils.  Malam Payroll offers various designated solutions:

  • Malam Payroll offers management solutions for diverse employee populations and employment formats in the payroll system (employees who do not receive salaries from the system, pensioners, teaching staff, supervisors, hourly or daily workers, human resources staff) while providing full supports of employment agreements.
  • Teaching staff: implementing the “Oz Latmurah” and “Ofek Hadash” agreements via the system’s attendance program, a system where each teaching staffer’s slot can be defined for diverse roles and calculates the reimbursements to which each is entitled, in the framework of her or his position.
  • Decentralized municipal workers: the system reports on attendance through cellphones, attendance reports for supervisors and / or field workers through an app installed on their cellphone which provides a solution to employee reports anywhere in the field.
  • Managing human resources: the procedural system for municipalities or local councils supports the employee’s life cycle, from recruitment to acceptance into a position, while fully managing all relevant employee data at the personal, professional and organizational levels, including education, seniority, roles, organizational structure, standards and slots, social services and training. The ability to integrate all data without interfaces into Malam Payroll’s single integrative system covering payroll and human resources allows calculating salaries precisely and correctly.
  • The employee’s life cycle reaches finalization with the employee’s retirement. Malam Payroll’s retirement system mgs the financial aspects of employment closure.  The retirement system integrates with all Malam Payroll systems supporting the client.  The system calculates, coordinates and presents the user with a range of relevant data for the retirement process, such as: period of employment, fixed salary components, severance pay, retirement grants, pension budgetary allowances based on the Public Service Law (Retirement), and more.

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