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Third Sector

Third Sector

Close to half a million Israelis are employed in the third sector, which is characterized by resources allocated to the non-profit organization’s activities.  NPOs rely to a degree on recruiting both volunteers and donations.  In seeking to preserve the third sector’s unique nature and faithfully serve its vision, human resources managers and salary accountants must cope with several commonly encountered challenges:

  • Recruiting and managing employees: employee turnover in the third sector is particularly high, the average term of employment being just two years.
  • Budgetary control: precise and alert monitoring of expenses, payments and benefits to employees.
  • Monitoring positions: as the needs of third sector organizations change to match those of their target populations, the need for management and monitoring of existing and new positions consolidates as a means of ensuring optimal operations which do not exceed the organization’s targets.
  • Payment calculations for volunteers: calculating third sector salaries usually requires differentiating between salaries for employees, and payments to volunteers which generally amount only to reimbursement of costs.


Profiting from correct human resources management in your organization

Malam Payroll offers a full set of solutions for human resources departments and assists third sector clients with adapting solutions ideally to their specific needs.  The organization enjoys the benefit of multiyear service that promotes achieving its goals.  Malam Payroll maintains full transparency with clients, because we know that the real profit comes from correct intra-organizational management.  Among the most sought solutions in the third sector are:

  • Malam Payroll is a cutting edge salary technology which coordinates all relevant information for the client and allows the organization to function concretely and smartly. The system contains tools for budget management and auditing which help prevent deviations appearing in reports and utilization.  An additional advantage is optimal tax calculations for both employer and employee, automatically synchronized to the frameworks set by law. 
  • Employee recruitment and management. This tool is ideal for human resources managers, allowing them to open a position, define its requirements, link it with potential candidates, and conduct comparisons among them towards reaching a final decision.
  • Managing positions. The positions management tools allows managers in general, and human resources management in particular, to manage positions based on multiple parameters:  defining a new position, handling a temporary position, finding a permanent replacement employee, and more.  This tool presents an informative data study, produces reports, checks the position’s history in the organization, and more.
  • COLD – computerized archive. Malam Payroll offers clients the highly praised COLD archival tool geared at assisting organizations switching from paper to computerized documentation and including digital document storage, easy search options, and secure accrued organizational data preservation.

Among Our Clients

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