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SAP Time Management

SAP Time Management

Integration of SAP’s attendance module with the HR and Payroll modules is guaranteed to yield countless advantages for your organization.

  • No excess need for interfaces
  • Employee data management all in one place (for example, maternity leave is simultaneously updated in both the Payroll and Time Management systems)
  • Linking the system to the organizational structure enables cost loading by organizational affiliation
  • Generating managerial reports from BW (Business Warehouse) for all SAP’s modules
  • Daily costs analysis
  • Application of wage agreements and Time according with employee characteristics, and pursuant to the agreements' provisions
  • Results of the time analysis constitute the input for payroll calculation, compliant with the various definition of attendance or absence
  • Determining work days for calculating income tax and national insurance, as well as producing reports according to actual time data.

Module capabilities:

  • Full management of attendance and absence data
  • Automated time clock data analysis, according to client specifications
  • Support of diverse populations: hourly, daily, monthly, positive, negative
  • Full support of retroactive calculations
  • Analysis and control tools for attendance administrator (split-hours attendance report)
  • Operation and managerial reports (BW)
  • Authorizations according to the attendance administrator
  • Full support of operational abilities, such as test-runs of procedures at predefined dates, initiated test-runs, alerts of invalid procedures
  • Cost loads by project, department, hours
  • Viewing the calculation log
  • Support of different calendars: Hebrew (Jewish), Islamic, and Christian
  • Enabled data reporting by the employee with authorization by the manager
  • The system supports all types of agreements:
  • Global-based salary
  • Full support of all types of overtime: daily, weekly and monthly
  • Shift workers
  • Irregular working hours
  • Sudden work calls
  • On-call employees
  • Duty by rotations
  • Management of absence quota for different populations according to seniority, employment agreements, age, organizational allocation
  • Support of different types of time clock “rounding”
  • Full support of all types of payments derived from time clock reports and employment agreement analysis, such as:
  • Living expenses
  • Travel expenses
  • Lunch expenses
  • Averages

  • Calculation rules for special populations, such as: working mothers, employees with seniority, day workers, etc.
    There are dozens of clients utilizing SAP Time Management in the Israeli market.
    Malam Payroll has had the privilege of implementing the SAP Time Management module at Tnuva, Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot, Tempo Beverages, Zim Shipping, Bank Hapoalim and the Israeli Ministry of Defense. 


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