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Transportation & Leasing

Transportation & Leasing

The transportation and leasing sectors are characterized by organizations with very large numbers of employees, and hundreds of thousands of people involved in the sector, setting complex challenges for payroll and human resources departments:

  • Decentralization: workers in the transportation sector are decentralized over multiple locations during the course of the day, and the organization must monitor their activities in diverse locations throughout the country.
  • Slotting: slotting workers into the transportation sector involves changes based on peak time frames, covering for absences or abnormal events, opening new lines, and more.
  • Attendance: in certain cases bus and transport drivers begin their real work day the moment they leave their homes, before even arriving at a central station or location.  This makes it necessary to monitor work hours to ensure no deviations from the slot.
  • Personal file and documents management: due to the large numbers of workers in organizations past and current, there is difficulty in managing and exploring data and transferring it to archives in a timely manner.
  • Pension fund savings: registering, updating and managing ongoing payments to pension funds for thousands of workers in an effective, transparent and clear manner each month.


The right direction in human resources management  

Malam Payroll offers a full range of solutions for the organization’s human resources management and assists its clients with their unique needs and solution adaptations for optimal long term service.  Solutions are flexible and allow changes and updates in the future, as client needs expand, without losing data and with minimum development time.  Among the solutions offered are:

  • Malam Web Clock

The online clock makes it possible to precisely follow-up on real time work hours.  This suits employees who begin their work day before reaching a specific office or location, and also end their day far from such a focal point.

  • Pension savings system: the system allows managing and documenting entitlements, activating collection processes, managing pension and redemption processes, payments into the pension fund, and management and payment of allowances.
  • Human resources system: this system accompanies and coordinates all aspects of the employee’s life in the organization, from personal to professional information, documents, seniority, cumulative rights and more. The system is easy to use and integrative and allows exploring data at the level of employee and department.

Among Our Clients

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