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Employee slotting system – work rosters for the retail sector

Employee slotting system – work rosters for the retail sector

The work roster system lets your organization save money while upholding all work and rest rules in your organization.  In the retail sector, employee slotting results from predefined budgets for each department.  In this way the manager can maximize employee slotting and control expectable financial costs.

The work slotting tool serves as an audit for managers at any time, and can supervise work hours based on system inputted plans, compared to actual reported work hours managed by Malam Payroll’s attendance system.

The employee roster system makes it possible to set a monthly position at the organizational level, and a daily slot per department according to various parameters derived from the organization’s activities: for example, number of anticipated customers, number of sale trolleys, quantities, day of the week, period of religious or other festivals, approaching special events, and more.

Additionally, the system contains a mechanism for setting extra slot hours that take into consideration special occasions or projects requiring additional human resources.

Advantages of using the employee slotting system

  • Planning follow-up versus execution at the daily, weekly and monthly levels to prevent exceptions to the monthly budget limitations
  • Centralized system for documenting and setting rules and parameters for employee slotting
  • Control tools at the daily level for cost checks
  • Optimal slotting according to organization targets and permissible regulations
  • Switching from a manual decentralized procedure to a computerized uniform process
  • Registering and documenting processes, changes and actual outcomes
  • Audit and accessible data tool for all managerial levels
  • Flexible system allowing last minute changes and special events
  • Work tool for anticipating and following up of costs derived from employee slotting.

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