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Israel’s leading payroll system

Malam Payroll is part of a unique technological and professional solution.  The system is an integral part of our perception for total human resources management.  It allows organizations to control salary costs even before these are processed, and to conduct audits, analyses and comprehensive exploration after they are completed.

Fully addressing payroll calculations

The payroll solution developed by Malam Payroll is adapted to the needs of all sectors in the market, from public service organizations to business enterprises.  The system calculates and pays salaries in accordance with collective agreements or personal contracts in general, and encompasses individual salary constitutions in particular, including annual payments, income tax and national insurance deductions, social benefits deductions, loans and more.

The system also supports retroactive calculations and can cope with multiple positions and profiles.  Its taxation engine is updated in real time with changes or amendments to laws, ordinances or professional instructions by legislative bodies, taxation authorities and the National Insurance Institution.  The system allows optimized calculations based on existing taxation alternatives.  The outputted salary slip is in PDF format, addresses requirements by law, and includes all relevant data in a user friendly form.

Malam Payroll makes it possible to transmit all your organization’s payroll processes into a fully automated action, and creates a single computerized data base that will serve your organization for many years.

Malam Payroll – a user friendly system with maximized independent operation.  Malam Payroll provides its clients with a full professional support system backed by the best of our experts.

Malam Payroll system characteristics

  • Executing complex salary agreements for the public and private sectors
  • Whiz for defining salary constitutions and complex salary agreements with user friendly functions for payroll accountants
  • Data mining tools
  • Advanced hierarchic permissions system
  • Full support of retroactive salary calculations
  • Audit and second signature systems
  • Certified for SSAE16 accounting standard
  • Uniquely addresses the employee insurance and pension plan package
  • Allows interfacing with automated maternity leave and transfer of payments to post-birth mothers within one week of giving birth
  • Automated national insurance claims for work accidents, reserve duty
  • Compensation and account closing calculations
  • Loan management
  • Individual and group payroll simulator
  • Full financial audit
  • Payroll commands fully adapted to client needs.

Retroactive payroll calculations

Malam Payroll allows entering retroactive changes to employee data and paying salary differentials (back pay) automatically as a derivative of these changes.

Multiple profiles

Malam Payroll enables reporting changes occurring during the month that impact salary payouts.

Multiple positions management

The system supports integrative data for employees holding multiple positions with the same employer.

Loan management

Malam Payroll’s loan module allows calculating capital deductions, interest and linkage for loans taken by the employee based on the Shpitzer Formula or the fixed capital deduction formula, and in accordance with the loan’s interest and linkage terms.

Advanced taxation module – calculating the best tax option for your employees

The payroll system calculates tax and taxation benefits based on taxation laws and ordinances, and the taxation authority’s instructions. Where these allow choosing among calculation options, the payroll system will calculate the options and automatically choose the one that maximizes employee net income.

Producing Form 106 and Form 126

Form 106 contains annual salary data and the amount of tax deducted for that taxation year.
Form 126 contains annual data on salaries and tax deducted for each employee.

Financial – budgetary auditing

Malam Payroll system allows full financial auditing of all salary components including options for budget splitting and calculating costing allocations based on employer instructions.

Daily log

Using a structured command in various formats, the system can interface with all existing accounting systems currently in the market, allowing automatic entry of daily logs directly into your finances system.

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